Applicant asked for last-minute internship and then wanted virtual meeting, explains S’pore boss who withdrew the offer


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The Singapore employer, who revealed he withdrew an internship offer to a young woman after she asked to meet virtually online rather than in person in the office, has come out to explain why he did it and the circumstances that led to it. led to what happened.

In a follow-up post to Facebook on Sept. 18, the employer provided more context about what happened after his first post revealed what he was doing, being mocked and supported.

The follow-up message came three days after his first message was widely circulated online.

The employer said in his follow-up post that he has run his own design firm for the past 21 years, showing that he has had quite a few interactions with younger employees.

The young woman had initially sought contact

The young woman had initially contacted him to request an internship.

This was after the employer had a previous correspondence with her at the end of June, when she told about her internship plans which would start on September 12th.

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But she did not follow up the correspondence after the employer replied to her.

Thinking she’d found something else, the employer went ahead without thinking too much about it.

Received email about three months later

The employer said he then received an email from the woman on September 15, about three months after they initially contacted her, calling her in the evening.

He explained what happened next: “She said the internship company has legal problems and she thinks the culture is toxic and is not for her. It’s just a chat.”

After submitting her out-of-the-blue request, she promptly said yes to the employer’s offer and was given the office address.

However, 19 minutes later she asked for a virtual interview.

This other out-of-the-blue request frustrated the employer.

He wrote, “I admit I got angry and frustrated that no reason was given and decided I shouldn’t worry about it anymore.”

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While not specifically banned, what the employer wrote implied that the young woman made a request that was accepted without much question, followed by another request as if she took the employer’s humble nature for granted.

However, the employer wrote in his post that he only wants to help interns learn: “I certainly didn’t expect a fuss about this, and being infamous is not on my to-do list. This thing has been taken out of context. Life is short There are many other more important things to worry about.”

“Like how to make sure the other interns that come in learn what’s right.”

Claims Singaporean students lack drive

The employer doubled down in his follow-up post by providing anecdotal evidence explaining why he favors foreigners to locals after his experience with both camps.

He had said the same thing to the same effect in his previous post.

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He said he is taking interns from local institutions and in 2022 he has had two Singaporean interns.

And he found their attitude to be lacking.

He claimed that they have no relevant design skills and cannot use the necessary software after three years in their studies.

He added: “These interns eat lunch for 1.5 hours, oversleep when they work from home and don’t care about deadlines.”

The lack of drive is in stark contrast to foreign students he encountered when he previously taught part-time.

The employer said: “It’s crazy and frustrating when you see the lack of hunger versus the can-do attitude of the foreign students I encountered when I was teaching part-time.”


While reactions to the employer’s actions have been mixed, his company has been hit by a slew of one-star Google reviews in retaliation.

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