Arizona columnist rips Kari Lake’s ‘Cuckoo Land’ delusion about being governor


If Lake is a governor anywhere, it’s the governor of Neverland or Narnia, Middle Earth, Oz or Wonderland – and even then it’s all in her head, idiot writer EJ Montini in his column Friday. Lake continues to “dwell in a fanciful fantasy of her own creation,” he added. However, it’s not clear if she actually buys the fantasy or just pretends to, Montini noted.

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He credited Lake’s journey into the political ozone layer to her visits to Mar-a-Lago, “Donald Trump’s personal Disneyland,” where she “seems to have fallen completely under the spell of the enchanted proselytes who run the conspiracy-driven Shangri-van the populate former president. la.”

She apparently learned there that you can say you won an election even if you lost, and pretends you’re not ashamed to say so.

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Lake “used to live in the real world, the one where facts are facts and events that actually, you know, to happenMontini joked. But no longer.

Alice woke up and left Wonderland. Dorothy returned to Kansas from Oz,” Montini wrote.