Arn Anderson praises FTR, comments on his time with the Dangerous Alliance


In his latest “ARN” podcast, Arn Anderson reviewed the 1996 Fall Brawl PPV show and answered subscribers’ questions:

Arn talks about FTR:

“When you have guys as talented as these guys, FTR, to rightfully pay tribute to Tully and I, can you understand how flattering that is? I have a bit of my tongue just talking about it. These guys modeled themselves on Tully and me, except they’re on another athletic level, so it makes you so proud that they’re on the show with us number 1, and for me to be friends, and pretty much family with these guys. “

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Arn was asked what it was like to be part of the Dangerous Alliance and how he got along with his team mates:

“Great with everyone. There were so many characters. I think that was one of those times when we had such a great amount of talent in this group. Paul Heyman is leading us. Obviously you see where his career has gone. Madusa was as athletic as she could be. The talent itself, when you’ve got Rude, Austin, Zbyszko, Eaton, and I’m going to get down to it, you’ve got some terrific performers. It’s just that now wasn’t a good time for us to be introduced or pushed. It could very easily have been the case, but it just wasn’t our time.

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