Asteroid 2005 RX3, bigger than Statue of Unity, is headed for Earth tomorrow


An asteroid bigger than the Statue of Unity is headed toward Earth this week. The asteroid is about 210 meters tall, taller than the tallest statue, the Statue of Unity in Gujarat.

Scientists are calling the asteroid, Dubbed 2005 RX3, and it will come close to Earth on September 18. The asteroid is approaching Earth at a speed of 62,820 kilometers per hour. The object will come as much as 47,42,252 kilometers from the planet, which is relatively close on the cosmic scale of the universe.

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While the 2005 RX3 will fly past Earth on September 18, four others are also close to the planet as NASA continues to monitor their orbital movements.

The four asteroids headed for Earth this week are:

  • 2020 PT4: The asteroid will come to Earth a whopping 71,89,673 kilometers at a speed of 39,024 kilometers per hour.
  • 2022 QD1: The asteroid is nearly 130 meters in size and is expected to race past Earth on September 16 at a fiery speed of 34,200 kilometers per hour.
  • 2022 QB37: The asteroid will approach Earth on September 18 and come as close as 65,16,483 kilometers from the planet.
  • 2022 QJ50: The asteroid will be on course for Earth by the end of this week and will pass at 33,156 kilometers per hour.

Asteroids are rocky fragments left over from the formation of the solar system about 4.6 billion years ago. According to the NASA Joint Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

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