At G-20 summit, Trump says Paris climate agreement was ‘designed to kill US economy’



President Trump on Sunday attacked the Paris climate agreement, the 2015 global agreement to reduce the effects of climate change from which he pledged to withdraw the United States in 2017, saying during ‘a virtual declaration at the G-20 summit that the pact was designed to “kill the US economy” rather than “save the environment,” the The Bharat Express News reported.

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The departure of the United States from the agreement was made official earlier this month.

President-elect Biden has pledged to join the nearly 200 countries that ratified the deal on his first day in office in January.

Trump said at the summit on Sunday that the United States has reduced its carbon emissions more than any other country, which is true on a gross tonnage basis, although the PA noted that in terms of percentage reduction in emissions, the United States did not. had almost as much success as other countries.

Key context

This is not the first time Trump has argued that US participation in the historic global climate pact would hurt the economy. Speaking to the White House in 2017, he said the Paris Agreement “is crippling the economy of the United States in order to win praise from foreign capitals and global activists who have long sought to get rich. at the expense of our country ”. Economists at the London School of Economics noted in August that the economy would actually be better off if the United States remained in the Paris Agreement due to costs to American infrastructure caused by the effects of climate change and the makes a global political response necessary. to limit the growth of emissions around the world, which will hurt the United States whether or not the United States participates in the agreement. LSE researchers also noted that the agreement’s requirements would be “easier to achieve” for the United States, as the costs of the technology have fallen so dramatically.


As the coronavirus continues to skyrocket in Western Europe, G-20 countries agreed this weekend to prioritize equitable distribution of the coronavirus vaccine for all. “We will spare no effort to guarantee [vaccines’] affordable and equitable access for all, ”the leaders wrote in a statement Sunday. Trump has already made headlines at the annual gathering of world leaders, visiting his golf resort in Virginia on Saturday as a meeting on the coronavirus crisis took place and played a round of golf as the summit continued to hold virus meetings.

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