Ather Energy sets up an Ather network charging network in Mumbai


At least 10 charging points are operational across Mumbai, as part of the Ather Grid network.

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Ather Energy begins deliveries of Ather 450X to Mumbai and strengthens its fast charging network

Ather Energy has set up its public fast-charging network, Ather Grid, with 10 charging points across Mumbai. Ather already has its experience center in Mumbai and deliveries of Ather 450X have also started in the city. By 2022, Ather Energy intends to have at least 30 fast-charging points across Mumbai. Ather Energy has partnered with Park + to install EV locations in Mumbai. Park + is a brand of smart parking solutions that allows users to locate parking, reserve spaces and pay digitally. The charging network is supported by the Ather Grid app which allows all EV owners to locate and check the availability of the nearest charging stations in real time.

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The Ather Grid fast-charging network has been set up at 10 sites in Mumbai

“Ather Grid has been consistently adopted in all the cities where we have started deliveries and we believe that an accessible charging infrastructure is essential before launching our products in any market we enter. We have already signed with several partners and will continue to do so in Park + has also been instrumental in finding locations in Mumbai and increasing our reach, ”said Ravneet Phokela, Commercial Director.

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“What the market needs right now is greater visibility of the charging infrastructure. With increased visibility comes mental comfort, which reduces independence anxiety. We don’t need density like gasoline or CNG service stations, but increased accessibility and faster charging speeds. We will ensure that Ather Grid is present in top places to build the confidence of our consumers. I am proud to be part of the team that builds not only a high performance scooter, but also a supportive ecosystem. With the infrastructure now in place, we expect to see a lot more Ather 450X at Amchi Mumbai, ”added Phokela.

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Ather is also looking to set up home charging points in housing companies

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In a statement, Ather Energy said it will continue to partner with more progressive hosts who can provide EV owners with easy accessibility, reduce range anxiety and make it easier to adopt electric vehicles in Mumbai. . Ather Energy also works with housing co-ops and homeowners associations to help Ather owners implement home charging solutions in their apartments and buildings. Ather Energy has set up 128 public fast-charging points in 18 cities in India. The fast-charging network can be used by all electric two-wheelers and electric four-wheelers and this installation is offered free of charge to everyone until the end of September 2021.

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