Auckland man says attacker demanded his car keys with a knife


A man was arrested by police at the scene.
Photo: RNZ / Lucy Xia

An Auckland man says he was barely injured when a man pulled a knife on him in a car park in the city center.

Hobson Street resident Daljit Singh rents a parking space in an apartment building and said earlier today that he was in the parking lot when a man demanded he hand over his car keys.

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He refused, saying the man then tried to injure him and set off several fire alarms in an attempt to flee.

“There was a man, he approached me and asked me [for] my car keys and my phone.

Police and firefighters were called to an alleged attempted car theft at a block of flats on Hobson Street in central Auckland on Sunday.  Police arrested a man at the scene and took him away.

Four fire trucks and three police cars arrived on the scene.
Photo: RNZ/Lucy Xia

“When I [asked] him what’s the matter … he threw something like a dagger at me and I was just saved by inches.

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Four fire trucks and three police cars arrived on the scene.

An RNZ reporter on scene witnessed a man being apprehended by police.

Police said officers were alerted to reports of a person carrying a weapon in a building on Hobson Street around 2:30pm.

“FENZ was responding to fire alarms going off in the building when they found a person with a weapon,” police said in a statement.

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“Police have found and taken into custody a man. The investigation continues.”