AUS vs IND: Ravichandran Ashwin crawled on the floor on the fifth morning of the Sydney test, reveals his wife Prithi | Cricket News


Ravichandran Ashwin’s Herculean effort in the third test against Australia in Sydney came even as he battled severe back pain, as revealed by his wife Prithi Narayanan. Prithi had tweeted moments after India’s Great Escape at Sydney Cricket Ground that Ashwin “couldn’t stand up straight” on the fifth morning of the Test. In a column for The Bharat Express News, Prithi explained what happened that fateful morning and how she and her husband handled the situation. “By the time I woke up in the morning, her pain was really intense.” I had to crawl to the physiotherapy room, “he said. Luckily it was the next room. He couldn’t bend, straighten or stand up after I sat down. I was shocked, ”Prithi wrote.

“I had never seen him like this before.” What are you going to do? How can you beat? “I asked.” I don’t know. I will understand. Just let me go to the ground, “he replied. That’s when Aadhya (Ashwin and Prithi’s daughter) cracked her.put off, appa‘(take leave, dad) comments.

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“If only. Even after he left us, to be honest, I half-expected a call in a few hours from a member of the team who had taken him to the hospital. for exams. “

Prithi revealed Ashwin crawled on the ground on Monday morning, the last day of the Sydney test.

“Over the years I’ve seen him deal with pain and I know he has a high threshold for it, but I’ve never seen him like that. He was crawling on the floor. He couldn’t stand up. or stoop, “Prithi wrote.

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And while Ashwin’s pain did not appear until after the Test, for Prithi, an insider, the trouble began on the fourth night of the game.

“The first signs of trouble had come earlier that evening, at the end of the day four play. I had seen him on TV in some kind of pain on several occasions,” Prithi wrote.

“When he walks into the room, he usually only has a few minutes left before rushing over to the physiotherapy or massage table, then meeting, if necessary, and coming back late.” Are you okay, physically? I asked him and he replied: ‘Didn’t you see me good ?!’ and said he felt like he had a tweak on his back that was starting to hurt.

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“He felt during warm-ups that morning that he was stepping awkwardly and doing something behind his back.”

In the end, Ashwin hit for over three hours, 128 balls and over two sessions with a modified back for his 39 steps taken out and with Hanuma Vihari (23 steps out of 161 balls) helped India save the test and to maintain the level of the series. to 1-1.

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