Autopsy Details Teacher’s cause of death found in boat-like coffin in his home


The bizarre state in which the body of a 45-year-old computer science teacher from Nyeri was found provoked mixed reactions from TBEN and shocked many.

He was found nailed to a makeshift coffin that resembled a boat in his home after being missing for three weeks.

According to an autopsy performed at the morgue of Nyeri Provincial General Hospital on Wednesday, January 18, the teacher died of asphyxiation.

The autopsy further stated that the man had not ingested any poison and that his body had no injuries.

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Police officers at teacher’s home found in a coffin at his home in Nyeri County on Thursday, January 12, 2023


These findings dispelled doubts about the teacher’s poison itself, as an unknown chemical was found in the coffin.

In addition, Tetu Sub-County Police Chief Philip Mwania stated that the man had nailed himself into the coffin to block all air.

A flashlight and a hammer were found in the coffin, indicating that he used the torch as a light to nail himself shut.

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“We are still investigating the red liquid found in the coffin. We initially suspected it might be the poison that killed the teacher,” said Mwania.

Police found unusual items near the coffin, including a black flag, scrolls written in what appears to be the ancient Egyptian language, a cow’s horn and flowers.

For further investigation, the police collected the scrolls and his laptop to understand the cryptic messages on the box.

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According to his relatives, the teacher was known to disappear for some time and turn off his phone. He also reportedly rarely received visitors.

However, following his disappearance and a missing person report filed on December 22, 2022, his body was found decomposing in the coffin in his home.


An undated photo of police officers and detectives at a crime scene in Kenya


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