Babu Owino denies treason in ODM


Embakasi East MP Paul Ongili aka Babu Owino has condemned the betrayal of opposition leader Raila Odinga’s ODM party.

In a statement on Thursday, September 22, Babu described the Orange party as ungrateful to its foot soldiers who were not only loyal but also heavily invested in them.

However, the MP ruled out leaving the party, but called for better treatment of youth in future assignments.

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino in parliament during the swearing-in ceremony on September 8, 2022


“ODM party, so many young people and myself have sacrificed a lot and used our resources in the party over the years, our wages are treason and blackmail. It’s fine. Tomorrow is another day,” he lamented.

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Owino’s tirade came when ODM, an affiliate member of the Azimio coalition party, nominated its leaders to the National Assembly and Senate.

Despite leading the Azimio flag-bearer’s campaign and throwing fierce jabs at rival camp Kenya Kwanza, Babu missed out on all the positions he could hold in parliament.

Slots include Majority Leader in Parliament, Deputy Majority Leader, Majority Whip or Deputy Majority Whip awarded to Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi, Kathiani Legislator Robert Mbui, Suna East’s Junet Mohamed and nominated respectively Member of Parliament Sabina Chege.

The sentiments of the bipartisan legislator were echoed by Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina, who protested the way newcomers to the party were reaping the benefits of their hard work that earned her majority in parliament (at Azimio parties)

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“It’s time we demanded what’s ours. Enough to always be kept aside while others are chilling in their cribs and rewarded with the lion’s share of party views,” said Ole Kina.

The senator reached out to Babu to sit down and think about their political future.

ODM chairman and nominated MP John Mbadi was also a victim of the parliamentary leadership debacle in ODM. On September 21, he publicly questioned the party’s decision to choose Wandayi, his junior, over him to spearhead the agenda in the NA.

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“Someone has to explain to me why I’m being bypassed and Wandayi is supposed to be the leader and yet I’m the chairman. Unless it’s a vote of no confidence in the chairman’s position.

“How would Wandayi, who is my youngest, lead me into the National Assembly? It makes no sense unless I give up the position of chairman,” Mbadi said.

Following the unrest in his party, Raila convened a crisis meeting to close the cracks in his party. One of the cards he will use to appease disgruntled members is to offer positions on parliamentary committees.

Member of Parliament Nominated John Mbadi (left) speaks with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Member of Parliament Nominated John Mbadi (left) speaks with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.



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