Bachelorette finalist Jamie-Lee looks back at emotional finale where Brooke turns her down


Bachelorette finalist Jamie-Lee Dayz looks back on emotional finale after being brutally dumped by Brooke Blurton, reveals if she’s moved on with anyone else

She was brutally dumped by Brooke Blurton for Darvid Garayeli on Thursday during The Bachelorette finale.

And Jamie-Lee Dayz, 30, touched on the heartbreaking moment in an interview with Studio 10 hosts Sarah Harris and Tristan MacManus on Friday.

“We need you here to give yourself a big hug honey,” Harris told the brunette beauty after releasing the clip of the scene. “How are you feeling this morning? Did you watch the show back? ”

“I did it, it’s been crazy 24 hours. It’s been a lot of emotions, but I feel really good. I’m really glad it’s all here and I can start moving forward with my life, ”Jamie replied.

Co-host Tristan MacManus stepped in and asked the psychology student if she still loved Brooke.

“I think I’ll always have love for Brooke,” she said. “You know we’ve been friends for so long, for, you know, over three years now. ”

The big question: Jamie told Studio 10 that she had

The big question: Jamie told Studio 10 she “still has love for Brooke” after being interviewed by Tristan MacManus on the air

“There is always that kind of mutual respect and love between us. It was not me in the end, but I still hope for his happiness, “she added.

Sarah told Jamie that she “handled this moment so well.”

The couple then asked Dayz if she was still single, to which Jamie replied that she was.

“Good luck, I don’t think you’ll be looking for long,” Sarah added. “You are a charming, charming woman. ”

Brooke chose landscape designer Darvid, 27, as the winner of the Bachelorette Finals.

Moments earlier, the bisexual reality TV star had the daunting task of breaking up with Jamie-Lee.

She, too, was at the forefront of the competition, after the couple formed a close bond during Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins’ season of The Bachelor in 2018.

Although she got along well throughout the season, Brooke revealed to Jamie that her heart was “with someone else.”

Smitten: In the Bachelorette finale on Thursday, Brooke picked Darvid as the winner

Smitten: In the Bachelorette finale on Thursday, Brooke picked Darvid as the winner




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