Ball handling episode handled so badly it was a joke, says cricket news manager David Warner


Since Cameron Bancroft revealed that more than three people knew about Sandpapergate, the scandal has once again become a topic of discussion in the cricket world. And in the latest one, David Warner manager James Erskine criticized Cricket Australia for mismanaging the issue. “The report that was made, they didn’t interview all the players. It was all handled so badly, it was a joke. But eventually the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, will come out and I know the whole thing. truth. ”Erskine said.

“But that’s no use because the Australian public ended up disliking the Australian team because they weren’t performing particularly well,” Erskine told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“There is no doubt that Smith, Warner and Bancroft were treated with contempt. The point is they did the wrong thing but the punishment did not match the crime. I think if one or two of those players had sued. They would have won because of what the truth was, ”he added.

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In March 2018, Bancroft was filmed trying to change the state of the ball using sandpaper during a test match against South Africa in Cape Town. The incident was later called the ‘Sandpapergate’ and is considered one of the darkest moments in Australian cricket history.

Bancroft, who plays County Cricket in Durham, said it was “ probably explicit ” if bowlers were aware the ball was tampered with.

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“Yeah look, all I wanted to do was be responsible and accountable for my own actions and for myself. Yeah obviously what I did is benefiting the bowlers and the awareness around that, probably. , is self-explanatory, ”Bancroft told The Guardian. interview Donald McRae as reported by The Bharat Express News.

“I guess one thing I learned throughout the trip and being responsible is that this is where the responsibility ends [with Bancroft himself]. If I had had a better conscience, I would have made a much better decision, ”he added.

When pressed to find out if any of the bowlers knew about the tampering plan, Bancroft replied, “Uh … yeah, look, I think, yeah, I think that’s probably pretty self-explanatory. . “

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On day three of the game, Bancroft was caught on camera trying to change the condition of the ball.

After the day’s play was over, Bancroft and then Australian skipper Steve Smith admitted that they had handled the ball.


David Warner’s involvement in the act has also been confirmed. Australia lost the match and Cricket Australia took bold appeals by removing Smith and Warner for the first time as the team’s captain and vice-captain.

The Australian Cricket Council later imposed a one-year ban on Smith and Warner, while Bancroft was given a nine-month suspension. Australian coach Darren Lehmann also resigned after the episode.

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