Banditry: Zamfara residents rejoice over withdrawal of IG, Adamu by Buhari – TBEN


There have been crops of joy and jubilation in Zamfara State following the replacement of the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu.

Residents who spoke to DAILY POST said they were relieved that the IG had been replaced, as he would have done nothing to save the state from terrorist attacks while he was chief of security.

Aminu Usman, a resident, said the security situation was worse under Adamu, noting that they had watched with keen interest to see how the country’s police chief ended.

“In fact, we were not happy with President Mohammad Buhari because of the security gaps in the country because he did not put a hand capable of handling the security issue in the country as a whole.” , he added.

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“If the IG fails in its constitutional responsibility to protect the entire country, no one would blame the national police chief, but all the blame must go to Buhari because he let the country down by putting a bad person in. this sensitive position.

He alleged that no one wanted to serve the country with a sincere heart due to the pursuit of wealth, describing the situation as a Nigerian factor.

He alleged that President Buhari was too weak to run Nigeria because he did not behave like a soldier, pointing out that the administration has witnessed more killings than any government in that country.

“Quote me, during the terms of Obasanjo, Babangida, Abdulsalami and Abacha Nigeria did not witness bloodshed like Buhari’s tenure but all were soldiers”

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“So why should Buhari’s tenure be any different. If I were Buhari I swear I would have taken the path of honor and resigned before Nigerians force me out of the system because I am not able to run a country that has over 180 million ‘inhabitants.

“It is in Buhari’s mandate that Nigeria wants to disintegrate. The Igbo have since decided to leave, now the Yoruba, Middle Belt and South-South areas are in serious agitation to disintegrate from a single entity called Nigeria.

“It must be said that Buhari does not manage this country constitutionally as it should, there have been cries of marginalization all over the country. Even the Hausa people cry very seriously that most of the positions are still going to the northwest area ”

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“We certainly cannot go on like this, otherwise Nigeria would enter a very serious civil war which could result in millions of deaths, because it may not be like the Biafran war that every segment of Nigeria has joined forces. forces and fought the Igbo. This time the pattern of war will be so different ”

He said many people are calling for the restructuring of the country, saying that restructuring will never be the solution to Nigeria’s problems,

“Even if Buhari likes to let him restructure the country a hundred times a day, but some regions would rise up and be agitated to be marginalized.”

Banditry: residents of Zamfara welcome the withdrawal of IG, Adamu by Buhari


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