Bank of Communications 2020 ITTF Finals: Final Day – TBEN



Women’s Singles: Final

If the second game was obvious, this final could be a long time! After 24 points played, Wang Manyu equalized the score by winning 13-11 but it was clear that the day neither of these athletes is ready to give up the reigns of this match.

After 16 minutes and Chen and Wang taking the lead against each other, it was a powerful forehand from the latter that won the match. More of the same to come?

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Opening lead

Women’s Singles: Final

Chen Meng vs. Wang Manyu started off with a good rally session in mind, it seems. Both Chinese are on the attack, and that’s probably why the first match lasted 10 minutes.

The world No.1 took 11-9 and gave Chen a start – how is Wang going to react?

What’s in store for you?

Before we start here in Zhengzhou, here’s a look at the meetings of the day:

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Welcome back to #RESTART!

Welcome to the last day of the ITTF 2020 finals from the Banque des Communications!

Today’s action sees the last two athletes in the men’s and women’s singles events compete for the top spot on the podium and the gold medal to boot! Who will be the champions in Zhengzhou?


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