Beacon Park welcomes art made from reclaimed ocean plastic


(TBEN DETROIT) – A sculpture debuting at this year’s Burning Man Festival has made its way to downtown Detroit. “The Last Ocean” can be seen at Beacon Park through Monday, September 26.

Artist Jen Lewin says her favorite part of art exhibitions like this is that people discover the work just by walking past it and wondering what it is.

“The Last Ocean” is meant to be walked over while being admired, it is made from reclaimed ocean plastic and was a project in the making for 10 years. Lewin, he says Beacon Park has contacted her team to make this display available to the public.

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“Something that could involve the community, and everyone could be a part of it. It’s a beautiful park and it would be, you know, surrounded by all these buildings and we were excited to be able to have a sculpture with community engagement says Levin.

“It’s really satisfying to bring these here,” said Laura Dean, Senior Public Space Manager for the Downtown Detroit Partnership.

Dean says that since Beacon Park opened five years ago, the effort to incorporate installations has also included art from around the world. She says that every year they searched for something new and unique. Dean called this piece striking, not only because it advocates recycling, but also because it can be viewed at any time of the day.

Once the sun has set, each part of the installation glows in different ways when stepped on. Lewin says this is to show the idea that our fragile ecosystem is deteriorating over time.

“To see how it is experienced to look at it, you know, bring people joy. But also to see people think about the messages around work is also part of that, as well as something that I love,” says lewin.

“It introduces the people to the city who may not come down at night,” Dean said.


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