Bearaby launched the Cuddler just in time for cuff season


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While there have never been more unique sleep aids on the market, sometimes all you really need is something to cuddle with. If you don’t have a person or pet, you can get close to you before going to bed, body pillows are the best alternative. Already known for their incredibly soft, weighted blankets and pillows, Bearaby has just launched the Cuddler body pillow to take their expertise in coziness to the next level.

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The Bearaby Cuddler is a new type of body pillow designed with a twisted and contorted shape. Whether that means wrapping around your body like a snake or even being tied up in a large knot cushion, the Cuddler is up to the task. Additionally, Bearaby created the Cuddler with a 100% cotton cover and signature plant-based Melofoam filling to increase both the comfort and durability of the body cushion. Especially with the cold fall weather just around the corner, you should definitely check out the Bearaby Cuddler and its many different colored cotton covers, so you can sleep cozy and fast all season long.

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