Beat the winter blues with these wellness retreats


The “winter blues” is a term often associated with seasonal affective disorder which can result from a lack of light and cloudy, cold days. In its most pronounced form, Seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression in which people experience feelings of sadness and lack of energy, especially during the winter months when the days are shortest and nights are longest. Indulging in a winter wellness retreat has become a popular trend as a way to cool off and rejuvenate. These wellness retreats can help you beat the winter blues.

Immersive experiences in the jungle, Palmaïa, The AiA House, Mexico

Located where the jungle meets the sea on Mexico’s Riviera Maya, Palmaia, The House of AiA, is a carefully designed holistic getaway with unique immersive jungle and beach experiences that foster a true connection to nurture at both body and mind. Programs include transformative wellness experiences such as sound healing, plant rituals inspired by the ancient Mayans, astrology readings, meditation, tai chi, various yoga practices and more, all led by on-site healers on the property. In addition to treatments designed to treat emotions as root causes at Spa Atlantis, guests can nourish their bodies with 100% vegan menus with optional animal protein additions at Palmaïa restaurants.

Island journey to inner peace, Carlisle Bay, Antigua

Located on the peaceful south coast of Antigua, between the Caribbean Sea and lush rainforest, Carlisle Bay is a low-density retreat immersing guests in the rugged Caribbean wilderness. The luxurious property embarks on a mission to help guests experience a sense of inner peace and relaxation while helping to build resilience and focus. A mindfulness retreat From November 6 to 9, daily conscious meditation sessions will give you tools to navigate through difficult times, as well as daily conscious movement practices including yoga and qigong to strengthen, release and relax the nervous system and promote health and vitality through breathing and movement.

Happiness programs, Hotels in Chablé, Yucatan and Maroma

The new “Happiness Program” of Chablé hotels aims to improve mental health with specially organized itineraries based on the individual’s Bliss List. With experiences designed to soothe the mind, body and spirit, Chablé hotels are committed to helping guests find their way back to their happiness. The premise of the list is that guests write down the activities, people, and things that bring them joy. Once completed, the experts at each hotel will organize a tailor-made itinerary that closely matches the passions of the guests. Guests participating in the Happiness Program will benefit from spa treatments focused on encouraging positive energy, inner well-being and well-being.

Wim Hof ​​method, Sand Valley Resort, Nekoosa, Wisconsin

Sand Valley Resort is an ideal wellness getaway for a get-back-to-nature offering travelers the chance to experience a wellness weekend featuring one of the latest health trends, the Wim Hof ​​Method breathing and exposure to cold. By focusing on breathing, exposure to cold and relaxation of the mind, the Wim Hof ​​method helps reduce stress, recover faster after physical exertion, produce better sleep, strengthen immune system and improve mental clarity. Guests can rejuvenate through hiking, fat biking, bird watching, fishing, yoga, stargazing and more while enjoying the comfortable cabin or accommodation options in the main house. The Wellness Weekend will take place again in Sand Valley from January 2022.

Pluméria massage, Frangipani seaside resort, Mead Bay, Anguilla

Located in the middle of Meads Bay, one of Anguilla’s most renowned beaches, the Frangipani Beach Resort is a premier luxury resort. Guests who wish to relax can have access to the resort’s Balinese spa and enjoy the traditional Plumeria massage, which helps relieve tension, improve blood circulation, and relax body and mind, or choose the 90’s Spa Sampler. minutes, for a combination of a 60-minute massage and a 30-minute facial treatment. All massage therapy services can be performed in the room or on the beach upon request. For a shorter Spa treatment, clients can enjoy a 25-minute deep tissue massage followed by a 15-minute relaxation massage and hand and foot reflexology, all performed with oil of Roucou produced by the nectar of Saint-Martin.

The key to longevity retirement, Mayflower Inn, Auberge Resorts Collection, Washington, Connecticut

Kick off the New Year January 6-9 with the pioneer of functional medicine, author of The New Rules of Aging Well and THE WELL and Chief Medical Officer, Frank lipman, MD. Take part in daily movements, immersive activities and educational lectures with Dr. Lipman. Guests will be empowered to take more account of their health through detailed analysis and education of personal labs and genetic testing. With a program that integrates modern medicine and ancient healing modalities, retreat hosts will experience holistic well-being. The retreat will include a kick-off dinner with Dr Lipman, lectures held to unlock the key to longevity, thoughtful meals at the chef’s table, one-on-one health coaching sessions, mindfulness fitness classes, baths of forest in the middle of nature and meditation. Classes.

Upgrade labs, The Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, California

Upgrade Labs, located at the Beverly Hilton’s pool level, is the very first human biohacking upgrade facility. Upgrade Labs is a luxurious health and fitness retreat offering over 15 high-tech experiences personalized for your brain and body. Designed as an escape from the outside world, the futuristic health haven that features infrared saunas, cryotherapy and more immerses you in strength and recovery technologies designed to energize you, reduce you, rejuvenate your appearance. and boost your brain power.

Destination therapy, Anichi Resort & Spa, Dominica

Currently under construction, the Anichi Resort & Spa will offer Destination Therapy to provide guests with the opportunity to escape the pressures of a job. Prasoon Shrivastava, Founder and CEO of Prasoon creation studio, says: “Destinations such as the Anichi Resort & Spa capitalize on the surrounding natural landscape to promote rest and rejuvenation. Reducing mental and physical stress among workers not only increases efficiency and morale at work, but most importantly, it makes the workplace healthier.

Healing the Toji style of mind and body, Japan

Experience mindfulness as you explore over 5,000 years of tea-making history in the Shizuoka region in Sky tea terrace located on the Hoko tea farm. Climb on board Guntû, a luxury hotel floating on the Seto Sea. Guests can relax and enjoy daily traditional massages, a soothing Hinoki cypress bath and yoga on the open deck overlooking the surrounding nature. The Shishi-Iwa House retirement is based on a simple premise: architecture has the power to stimulate intellectual creativity and enhance well-being. Regain mental stability with a holistic experience at Yagyu no Sho via Toji osen (hot spring) therapy which treats the mind and body with the natural mineral waters of the thermal springs.