Behind the Scenes News on Reasons Some Wrestlers Did Not Qualify to Join WWE Survivor Series Teams | TBEN


As previously reported, some of the recent ideas for WWE SmackDown were dropped just hours before the show. This caused them to drop certain segments intended to promote the Survivor Series pay-per-view.

For example, Big E was originally scheduled to qualify last week, and then it was delayed for a week. Then, on Friday, the decision was made to add Otis to the Men’s SmackDown Survivor Series team instead of Big E.

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Instead of arranging qualifying matches, Adam Pearce simply announced that Otis would join the men’s team and Bayley would join the women’s team. Natalya joined the squad by beating Tamina in a qualifying match.

During Wrestling Observer Radio Dave Meltzer explained that they just ran out of time and that’s why Otis and Bayley were added without needing to qualify.

Meltzer said: “They didn’t have time. They didn’t have time to make two more matches for Bayley and Otis to get along, so they did.

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Several segments of SmackDown have been scrapped in recent weeks. Last week’s Roman Reigns-Drew McIntyre segment that led to McIntyre versus Jey Uso is what likely called off a qualifying game last week. It’s unclear what the original plans were for Bayley’s qualifying game.


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