Ben-Gvir visits the prison to ensure that the conditions of the prisoners are not improved


    Israel’s newly appointed National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir made his first visit to the Nafha prison for Palestinian prisoners on Thursday to make sure conditions had not improved after a Supreme Court ruling in their favor. Haaretz reported.

    Israel Prison Service Commissioner Katy Perry accompanied far-right extremist Ben-Gvir on his visit to the prison.

    During the visit, Ben-Gvir was shown the new wings of the prison built last year, including further restrictions on Palestinian prisoners.

    “I came to Nafha Prison yesterday to ensure that the murderers of Jews are not given better conditions as a result of the construction of new cells, and I was pleased to see that the Israeli Prison Service has no intention of improving their detention. ” said Ben-Gvir.

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    According to The time of Israelhe has also spoken out in favor of introducing the death penalty for convicted prisoners.

    “I will continue with the detention conditions of security prisoners so that they do not receive additional benefits.” The time of Israel reported Ben-Gvir saying.

    The Palestinian Ministry of Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners in Gaza regarded Ben-Gvir’s visit to Nafha prison as a prelude to the implementation of his criminal plans against prisoners.

    Commenting on the visit, Hamas spokesman Abdul Latif Al-Qanoa denounced Ben-Gvir as a: “Fascist Israeli occupation minister who plans to repress Palestinian prisoners.”

    Al-Qanoa condemned the Israeli occupation government’s plans against Palestinian prisoners as a “dangerous development”.

    The Hamas spokesman also stressed that the Palestinians will not wait for the Israeli occupation government to carry out these plans.

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