Berner Bänz Margot on Human Front Aid and the Ukraine War


“The war raged inside me”: report from the largest volunteer center in Ukraine in Odessa

After the Russian attack, many tried to leave Ukraine. Also the Bernese cultural worker Bänz Margot. But he wasn’t comfortable abandoning his friends. So the Swiss quickly founded the aid organization Human Front Aid. He told us about his experiences there.

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It’s February 24th – the day the Russian army invades Ukraine. The Bernese Bänz Margot has been staying in the city of Odessa in the south of the country since the New Year, where the artist has built up a circle of friends. The streets are empty and deserted, the shock runs deep. Today Bänz is sitting in a bar in the same city and tells our correspondent how he was able to establish himself as a refugee helper with his association Human Front Aid after the beginning of the war. But before that he had to overcome his fear of war:

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