Best Grammar Schools in UK According to GCSE Rankings


The Progress 8 measure aims to capture the progress made by a student from the end of primary to the end of stage 4 key.

It is calculated for each student by comparing their Attainment 8 score (achievement of students across eight qualifications) with the average Entertainment 8 scores of all students nationwide who have a similar starting point.

A score of zero means that students are doing on average just as well in Key Stage 4 as other students in England who have achieved similar results at the end of Key Stage 2 – so a positive score means their progress outnumbered those of similar students who were previously at their level.

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Changes to the GCSE regime have resulted in the use of a new digital system for grading most subjects, which is still being introduced.

In an effort to strengthen GCSEs, the new system uses grades one through nine, rather than A * through G – any level above seven being equal to any level above A in the old system.