Biden, Cunningham hold slim lead in North Carolina, poll finds


If Mr Cunningham topples Mr Tillis – who has fallen behind in support of Mr Trump in the state – Democrats would be closer to snagging the three seats they need for a majority in the Senate if Mr Biden won the presidency.

The party’s prospects of overthrowing Republican seats are considered strongest in Arizona and Colorado, and they have pickup opportunities in Maine, Iowa, and elsewhere. Republicans are well positioned to win a Democrat-held seat in Alabama.

One difference in North Carolina, however, was that the proportion of voters – 15% – who were undecided in the Senate race two weeks ago had fallen to 6%. This suggests that voters have returned home to their parties, but with no clear benefit to the outgoing Republican in a state tightly divided along party lines. The independents beat Mr. Cunningham in the latest poll, 48% to 34%.

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The poll of 1,034 probable voters has a margin of error of about four percentage points.

“I sometimes squeal at what he says,” Michael Shawl, 48, said of Mr. Trump, whom he voted for both this year and in 2016. “But at the same time, he’s pushing the policies he enforced. He’s trying to do exactly what he said he would do.

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Mr Shawl, who owns a construction and roofing company in Wilmington, North Carolina, said Democratic state Governor Roy Cooper “was killing small businesses” but the president was not. not. “I would like to see him get the economy back on track,” he said of Mr. Trump. “I would like to see a Covid vaccine marketed around the world. I would like to see Obamacare replaced.

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The only race that seemed to have changed, if only slightly, was that of the governor. Mr. Cooper was nine points ahead of Republican Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest. Two weeks ago, Mr. Cooper’s advantage was 14 points. Over the summer, Mr. Cooper refused to give in to Mr. Trump’s demand to ease restrictions on coronaviruses in order to let the Republican National Convention be held in Charlotte.

On Ocracoke Island off the Atlantic coast, bed-and-breakfast owner Robin Macek voted last week at a fire station for Mr Biden, a ballot she has been waiting for long time.