Biden offered DOJ to search ‘every room’ of Delaware home before finding final classified documents


WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden offered the Justice Department to search every room of his Delaware home for government documents — a search that eventually turned up additional classified documents, the White House said Monday.

After the discovery of the latest set of documents, one of the main questions was whether the Justice Department had asked Biden for permission to search the Wilmington residence and Biden agreed, or whether Biden had offered to let them do the search.

The discovery was the result of negotiations between the president’s lawyers and the Justice Department, which a person familiar with the case says led to a consensual search of the home.

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Ian Sams, a spokesman for the White House law firm, said Biden had instructed his lawyers to make it clear that he welcomed a thorough investigation.

“The president’s personal attorneys, at the direction of the president, offered the Justice Department to come to his house and thoroughly search every room of the house to make sure that all the material in the possession of the government should be, is in possession. of the government,” Sams told reporters.

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The 13-hour search last Friday came amid a special counsel investigation into Biden’s handling of classified documents. Investigators found classified documents from Biden’s time as vice president and in the U.S. Senate, Bob Bauer, Biden’s personal attorney, said in a statement Saturday.

Investigators took possession of “six items consisting of documents with classification marks and surrounding materials,” Bauer said. Personal handwritten notes from Biden’s vice presidential years were also seized.

Sams declined to clarify how many classified documents were among those six items.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Biden wanted DOJ to search ‘every room’ in classified document search


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