Bigg Boss 16: Sreejita De reacts after Tina Datta’s mom scolds her for calling daughter ‘homebreaker’


TV actress Sreejita De, who was recently kicked out of Bigg Boss 16, talked about the bond she shared with other housemates and also apologized for the comments she made about Tina Datta that she is good at breaking relationships with others and wanted male attention.

While speaking about her statement about Tina, Sreejita shared, “When I made that statement ‘ki isne kayi logo ke ghar tode hain’ (she broke a lot of families). I didn’t mean she really broke anyone’s relationship, I meant that she faces her karma, what she has done in life comes back to her. When I made this comment, I was angry with her too.”

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She added, “But I meant it in the sense of her relationship with Shalin. But I realized I shouldn’t have said that and I apologized to her coming out.” Tina’s mother Madhumita also responded to Sreejita’s comment about her daughter saying she wanted to show evidence of whatever comments she made.

When asked about her friendship with Soundarya Sharma in the house, she said, “Soundarya was very sweet to me when I came back into the house and I considered her a good friend of mine, but later I realized that she was very much by herself. is obsessed.”

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“She thinks of herself and I didn’t get any support from her when I needed it the most. My friendship with her was genuine and it had no purpose and why should she not even be trending.”

For the inexperienced, Sreejita entered the Bigg Boss 16 for the second time as a wild card contestant and after making every effort to stay in, she has now finally said goodbye to the show. She found a friend in Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and a rival in Tina Datta.

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Sreejita listed her top 3 contestants for this season and shared, “I think Priyanka, Sajid and Shiv should be in the top 3 and between Priyanka and Shiv, anyone can win the show.” Sreejita appeared on the Krushna Abhishek hosted show Bigg Buzz. (With input from IANS)

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