Bill Maher puts ex-CNN host Chris Cuomo on the couch in candid ‘real-time’ conversation


Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo is on a rehab tour. Sure, he has a new podcast to promote and will be starting a new primetime show on NewsNation (formerly WGN) soon.

But the real agenda is to regain the reputation he lost when CNN fired him for alleged violations of journalistic standards by consulting with his brother, ex-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Bill Maher, admittedly a friend of Cuomo’s, went straight to the top of his ‘Real Time’ segment and asked Cuomo if he was happy to be ‘back’.

“Happy is probably not the right word,” Cuomo said, admitting he does miss CNN. “I feel like I lost a sense of purpose for a while because of how things ended.” He admitted that he wants to return to the role he had before.

He wasn’t tempted to discredit his former home at CNN, though Maher pointed out that ratings in Cuomo’s former timeslot have dropped 53%.

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“It’s a great organization and there are great people,” Cuomo said. “I want good things for the people there. I had a great team that I couldn’t say goodbye to.”

Maher asked about Andrew Cuomo’s state of mind.

“I should say, ‘Oh, he’s great.’ But you would call that bullshit. He’s had a hard time and I’m proud of how he’s handled himself.” Cuomo agreed with Maher that he never thought his brother’s demise would be women, but noted, “You don’t see things like this. “

Cuomo immediately admitted that he advised his brother during the scandal. “This is my brother. I’m not objective, of course.”

As for whether CNN’s decision to emphasize opinion over news was a good move, Cuomo claimed it was, and he didn’t see it as a move toward opinion.

“I see it as a necessity to serve people’s interests,” he said. The reason for that is that former President Donald Trump has “weaponized the truth.” So Cuomo said, “An unprecedented risk will require an unprecedented effort. It was risky doing what I did.” He added, “I’m not here to hide and get the check. You have to take the risks when it matters.”

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That’s nothing personal, he added. “It’s hard to be seen as an enemy. ‘I wish him no harm. I just want leaders to lead and tell the truth.”

To that end, Cuomo called for the end of the two-party system and the blossoming of various agendas in a civil discussion. As a reference, Maher brought up Mario Cuomo, who infamously left a plane on the tarmac and refused to run for president despite some strong backing.

Cuomo provided a revealing photo of his father as a way to illustrate what has been lost in politics.

Pop wasn’t afraid to lose. He came out of nowhere. He didn’t want to be president. It wasn’t because we were in the mafia. He didn’t run because he didn’t think he was good enough to be president. “I don’t think I’m the man for that job.” He respected it, he respected what it means, and didn’t see it as an article of his own greed.”

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Cuomo himself said he shunned media politics because “I think I can make a difference,” saying that politicians are “trapped in a game I don’t have to play.”

Maher’s panelists included John McWhorter, an associate professor at Columbia University, New York Times newsletter opinion writer and host of the “Lexicon Valley” podcast, and Sam Stein, White House editor for Politics and MSNBC contributor.

Their discussion has drifted a bit, regarding the Biden/Manchin agreement on a new bill that covers climate action and other issues, and whether the January 6 congressional hearings will prompt the Justice Department to form a grand jury to potentially indict. to file against Donald. Trump.