Bill Maher rises in despair and celebrates Election Day turnaround by his fellow travelers


The White House is said to be “dizzy and merry” in the wake of Democrats’ surprisingly strong performance on election night. But the administration has nothing to do with Bill Maher’s vote, as it turned out on Friday Real time.

A week after a gloomy Maher was ready to throw shovels of dirt at America as he anticipated his demise in Republican hands, the comedian returned in a jubilant mood. “I haven’t had a text from Joe Biden in three days,” he said in his warm-up. “I feel like he’s haunting me.”

Maher seemed surprised at the turn in fortunes, noting that Pennsylvania was perhaps the biggest surprise. That’s the state where the polished Dr. Mehmet Oz “lost to a man who dresses like the airline lost his luggage.”

While noting that ex-President Donald Trump is facing a backlash, many are now looking to Florida Gov. Touting Ron DeSantis, Maher jabbed: “Trump finally knows what it’s like to be traded in for a younger model.”

The conversation turned serious with Maher’s first guest, Colorado Governor Jared Polis, who comfortably won a second term on Tuesday. Maher pointed to Polis’ successes in tackling the pandemic and other issues, and subtly tried to lead Polis into a confession that he is considering running for president in 2024. The veteran politician would not fall into the trap of saying he is happy with the job he has .

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The panel discussion presented the lead election and campaign correspondent TBEN News and co-author of DangerRobert Costa, and Democratic Congressman representing California’s 17th District and author of: Dignity in a digital age: making technology work for us all,Ro Khanna.

Maher admitted his relief at the top. “The election was like a colonostomy. I expected it to be unbearable, and it was really not that bad.”

The panelists were eager to speculate on why that happened. Khanna claimed the better results were because “it wasn’t like the Republicans had a great plan for inflation.”

Costa claimed that former President Donald Trump was in “self-destruct mode” with the results. Maher wouldn’t bite, nothing, he’s seen a lot of horror movies. “I’ve seen Jason come back from the grave too many times.”

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Both panelists refused to admit that DeSantis was impressive with his huge Florida win. Maher tried to reason with them. “The reason I think DeSantis is strong — he can do the performing arts at the grassroots — but he can be a regular governor.”

Khanna didn’t want it. “What he did to Disney was dangerous.” He added that any Republican plan to go after the Biden family or otherwise repay Democrats for their prosecution of Trump against Russia or Jan. 6 would be wrong. “What people want is for people to solve their problems.”

Maher tried to get his panelists to admit that most voters saw Biden as a “temporary” office holder, a sheriff who came to town and got rid of Black Bart (i.e. Trump), and should now ride into the sunset.

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The panelists refused to hear it. “He (Biden) is doing it out of true patriotism.” Costa insisted Biden would have “a clear path” if he decided to run again in 2024, something Maher scoffed at.

In his feature article “New Rules,” Maher wondered why we know so much about Donald Trump’s love life in his pre-presidential days, but nothing since, despite the hundreds of telltale books that have been published.

When he fired Trump’s wife Melania, Maher wondered aloud that we know so much about his problems, down to the shape of his penis. But not a word about infidelity.

Could it be that he can’t perform, Maher asked?

I feel for you if that’s the case, said Maher. But he commented, “I know you’re thinking about getting back to running. Nobody wants a limp dick in the White House.”

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