Billy Bush sensed something was wrong with Lisa Marie Presley on the Golden Globes red carpet


Lisa Marie Presley’s last interview was on the red carpet at the 80th Golden Globes, and Billy Bush says he was immediately alarmed after talking to her.

Presley, Elvis’ only daughter, died Thursday at age 54, just two days after walking the red carpet at the Golden Globes. She lived in support of Elvisthe Baz Luhrmann biopic about her father.

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Bush recalled his brief conversation on the red carpet with an ashen and unsteady Lisa Marie.

“She was very uneven in her balance,” Bush told TBEN LA. “The speech was very slow. And sure enough, when the interview was over, I turned to my producer next to me and said, ‘Something isn’t right here.’”

He added: “She was aware. She was there for sure, just a second too late. But she was there. She was definitely there, but somehow a little off.

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Bush’s interviews required celebrities to climb two steps to the platform where he stood. Presley had a hard time with that, Bush said.

“It was clear she wouldn’t make it on the two flights. I went down and met her on the carpet itself,” he said.

You can watch a snippet of the full interview above.

Video of Presley at the event shows her staggering toward the Globes. She was mentored by manager Jerry Schilling, and at the beginning of the Bush interview, she told Schilling, “I’m going to grab your arm,” ostensibly for support.

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Lisa Marie Presley’s official cause of death has not yet been determined.