Bite mark on Kenny Omega’s arm still visible 2 weeks after AEW All Out backstage fight


The people involved in the backstage fight at AEW All Out haven’t spoken publicly about what happened, but one aspect of the Kenny Omega and Ace Steel story seems to have some visual confirmation.

Omega appeared on Capcom TV’s live stream to talk about the upcoming Fight Forever video game and as you can see in the screenshot below, his arm didn’t fully heal after he was allegedly bitten by Ace Steel. According to multiple reports, Steel bit Omega in the arm during the melee.

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What the next step is is a gamble, but the belief is that there will be repercussions after the investigation is completed, with possible layoffs and/or lengthy suspensions. Wade Keller recently stated on that the silence on this matter is expected to be broken very soon. This could mean that the investigation will be concluded soon and we know what will happen to the parties involved.

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