Bitstamp Crypto Exchange Hires Former Barclays Executive As New COO


Bitstamp has hired a former director of the payments team at financial services firm Barclays as COO.

In an announcement made today, Bistamp said he will appoint Sameer Dubey to the management position as part of his efforts to expand the business of the company. Dubey worked as the Director of Payments Manager for the Barclays Company and was a member of the team behind the bank’s blockchain and distributed ledger board. He was also the chief operating officer of the British neobank N26 until recently.

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The crypto exchange said the addition of Dubey would bring the company “global leadership in fintech and traditional banking.” The former Barclays executive would replace outgoing COO Vasja Zupan, who later joined the UAE-based Matrix Exchange as chairman.

“I think in a few years we won’t really be talking about a cryptocurrency industry,” Dubey said. “It will be a different part of finance and innovative crypto companies will be viewed as fintechs in the same way that N26 is viewed today.”

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He added:

“As crypto merges with finance, the role we play is going to take on new meaning. Part of what makes this space so exciting is that we really can’t figure out where we’ll be in, say, 10 years.

Bitstamp is one of the oldest exchanges in the crypto space, with trading entities based in multiple countries. In October, former Gemini executive Julian Sawyer became the company’s new CEO, replacing Nejc Kodrič for the first time in the history of the crypto exchange.

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