Black Tomato explains how she embraces travel through children’s stories


Who hasn’t been inspired by an imaginative story? Who hasn’t traveled to new places through the pages of a book? Of course, the point of many novels – especially for children – is to spark the imagination, allowing us to travel to new worlds, explore unseen spheres, and offer ourselves endless possibilities.

Launching today is an innovative travel offer from Black tomato, which is based on this very notion. Take me on a story is a collection of five immersive – and bespoke – travel itineraries, inspired by children’s stories, and all set in destinations that form the backdrop for iconic tales.

The luxury travel company is renowned for its immersive, cutting-edge travel experiences, and comments, “Travel has the power to inspire and educate children of all ages and now, more than ever, is a perfect antidote to the long months of home. schooling and closed lives. At Black Tomato, the needs of our customers drive our innovation, and in our mission to unearth meaningful experiences that engage children and rekindle a passion for learning, we launched Take Me On A Story. “

From Oxfordshire to Iceland, every trip has been designed to spark wonder, intrigue and curiosity. Better yet, they aim to create bonds between private adventure families through extraordinary experiences, whether it is an interactive and very crazy snack, inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, or learn survival skills, mushing and listen to the call of the wild in Alaska.

Here, exclusively for TBEN, co-founder of Black Tomato, Tom marchant reveals more: “To provide a much-needed reset after long months of closed life, more than ever future travel must matter,” he says. “For many, the time we have spent ‘locked up’ has led people to positively re-evaluate their lives and in turn their travel desires, and while you cannot ease the hardships of the past year, I really am. excited for the new dawn and the meaningful journeys that our customers increasingly seek.

“Traveling in 2021 and beyond will be more focused on how you experience a destination and connect with those you travel with, rather than ticking off a list of places to visit. One thing we have all missed, during this time of permanent restrictions, is being able to spend quality time with our friends and family in a place that is unfamiliar to our daily lives. Likewise, we know that for many, especially those who have been home schooled, it has naturally taken its toll and often taken away much of the joy of parents and children in learning together.

Of all the new black tomato routes, perhaps the most opportune is the Take me to a story in Oxfordshire. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, families can walk in Alice’s footsteps – from foraging in fantastic forests and learning about the transformation of flora into extraordinary products to taking a river cruise to retrace the famous’ Golden Afternoon and bought by an Oxford historian. Families stay in the iconic Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons in Oxfordshire. The experience is particularly of the moment, at this moment, because the launch coincides with the VIRGINIAflagship exhibition of 2021 – Alice: more curious and curiouswhich runs until December 31, 2021.

While the exhibition sets out to celebrate one of the most imaginative and inspiring stories of all time, with visitors able to delve into the origins, adaptations and reinventions of Alice in Wonderland over 158 years, the experience of Black Tomato immerses you in history through travel. He is also linked to Oxford The museum of history, which is set to reopen after May 17 after a £ 6million overhaul, and a tour, with narration, is included in the experience.

Tom continues, “We are delighted that we have been able to spend the past two years developing and refining our new ‘Take Me On A Story’ collection, to create our most imaginative and remarkable series of itineraries to date. As we transport families to the rich and whimsical worlds of classic children’s literature in destinations that have formed the all-important backdrop for these iconic tales, we know that we will instill not only skills, but memories as well. that will last a lifetime.

He says: “We wanted to harness travel as the most powerful tool we know, spark the creativity and imagination of our clients – for adults and children, and once again welcome the magic of travel in a way. exciting and extraordinary. “

“I firmly believe that providing an experiential benefit will be the most fundamental way for travel agencies to stand out from the crowd; it’s part of Black Tomato’s TBEN and how every trip that our travel experts create cultivates a deeper connection to the destination visited. This has never been truer and is more integral to our business than it is today. “

A trip inspired by Jack London’s Call of the wild, with a trip to the Alaskan wilderness Discover the pioneering sense of adventure that inspired the novel, first published in 1903. From rafting on glaciers in search of gold with historians; from arriving by helicopters and seaplanes in luxurious and breathtaking lodges and cabins to a personalized survival course – the journey is all about capturing that elusive spirit of survival and adventure.

Use epic Arabian nights as a starting point, Take me to a story in Morocco is a six night trip that takes travelers to the heart of the Maghreb in the Sahara desert. Included is a majestic treasure hunt, with families venturing into desert oases on camels and 4x4s, exploring ancient souks with diviners and discovering spectacular scenery from the High Atlas Mountains to the narrow streets of Ait Ben Haddou.

Take me to a story in Iceland, on the other hand, is inspired by Jules Verne Journey to the Center of the Earth. On this monumental journey of discovery, families will chart the course of the author’s classic adventures in Iceland, descending sleepy volcanoes, sailing through vast glacial lagoons and swimming in the earth’s crust. Accompanied throughout by an expert guide, puzzles and challenges are designed to test physical and mental strength. Outdoor skill building is included, like fire-making, using items collected during the day and geography and mapping, following a specially curated map. Families will decipher clues through experiences drawn from history in otherworldly settings like the Lava Caves, Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Jökulsárlón Glacier, and Silfra Fissure.

Finally, Take me to a story in the British Virgin Islands is inspired by Treasure Island – The 1882 classic by Robert Louis Stevenson. Families go in search of buried riches with underwater treasure hunts, private catamaran rental to the Dog Islands and stargazing bonfire to hear how sailors and pirates navigate the seas. Learn Ben Gunn Survival Tricks, Experiences Include: Pirate School, With Sword Fighting course and manufacture of rum (alcohol-free); sailing lessons to learn how to set sail and anchor, putting your skills to the test with a private day charter on uninhabited islands. Later a cooking class at Little Dix Bay Rosewood, takes place in the resort’s sustainable farm.

“In development since 2019, now is the perfect time to jump in after witnessing a huge appetite for multigenerational travel among customers – with a 70% increase in bookings over the past two months and a 55% increase in average spending per family. trip, ”concludes Tom. “We can’t wait to go.”



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