Blaming 8th Senate for insecurity under Buhari is propaganda – Saraki to MURIC – TBEN


Bukola Saraki, president of the 8th Senate, condemned the “unenlightened propaganda” of Professor Ishaq Akintola, director of the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC).

A statement by Saraki’s media aide, Oluwole Onemola, recalled an accusation against Saraki by MURIC, alleging that the 8th Senate had worked against Buhari on insecurity.

MURIC had claimed that the 8th Senate had rejected the president’s request for a billion dollars for the purchase of weapons.

However, Saraki condemning MURIC’s claims explained that the 8th Senate never rejected any requests for security funding, but insisted that due process under the constitution be followed, even by the executive.

Onemola also recalled that on April 25, 2018, Saraki read a letter from Buhari, which stated that he had granted “ early approval ” for the release of $ 496,374,470. The latter would have been paid directly to the treasury of the United States government.

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The press release indicates that the powers of such appropriation are specifically conferred on the National Assembly in Articles 80 to 84, adding that the principle of “ early approval ” is not recognized by law,

“This means that the President did not follow the proper procedure during this unprecedented and constitutionally unprecedented ‘early approval’. Yet the National Assembly approved the funds that the executive began disbursing without approval. Thus, $ 1 billion was approved by the 8th National Assembly.

Onemola reminded Nigerians that based on allegations of human rights violations by the military, the US government prohibited the sale of offensive material in Nigeria under Leahy’s law.

“However, it was only after the US Congressional delegation met with the Nigerian National Assembly delegation to Nigeria on Monday, August 28, 2017, that assurances were made by the Nigerian Senate Speaker on behalf of the National Assembly – that the Nigerian National Assembly delegation pledged to examine allegations of human rights violations and work to prevent any future recurrence.

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He noted that to ensure that the Nigerian armed forces were properly equipped, the Nigerian 8th Senate has invited department heads on several occasions to discuss funding for their operations.

Onemola gave examples of February 3, 2016, when the Senate leadership and the chairmen of the security agency committees held a meeting with the army chiefs;

“On February 8 and 12, the Senate hosted a special security summit attended by department heads, the NSA and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and other key stakeholders in the national security architecture and the international community to discuss security. situation in the country;

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“On May 23, 2018, when the Senate asked the National Security Advisor (NSA) and department heads to present their funding needs – giving our armed forces a ‘blank check’. This security summit resulted in a 21-point recommendation which was then forwarded to the Presidency for implementation.

“The 8th Senate considered over 101 security related motions / points of order in 4 years; The 8th Senate referred 57 security-related issues to its relevant committees; v The 8th Senate decided on 42 questions related to security in the Senate plenary floor; v The 8th Senate had 38 interventions in the security sector in the form of bills.

He also held 14 public / investigative hearings on security related issues during his 4 year tenure. The statement added.


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