Bobby Fish Comments On Injury Status Of Adam Cole, CM Punk, Sammy Guevara, Impact, His Future In Boxing


In an exclusive post for, Steve Fall’s Ten Count talked to Bobby Fish.

Bobby Fish talked about winning his boxing debut held in Dubai on November 13 for the Global Titans promotion:

“Well, I have a martial arts background from when I was a kid, and I’ve had three amateur kickboxing fights and kickboxing is something I’m very comfortable with. This just happened to be boxing. So it was my boxing fight. Boxing and kickboxing although the layman might look at it and say “oh well you just take the kicks away” but it’s very nuanced that way that’s where the differences are in stark contrast so there was some work that had to happen in this camp that was different from what would have been previous experience, just to, you know, not completely redirect, but to change some common behavior, you know, just some of the things that are different with kickboxing and boxing”