Bodies found after Queensland house fire


Two bodies were found in the ruins of a woman’s house which had been burned down under suspicious circumstances south of Brisbane.

The 49-year-old woman, who recently received a domestic violence order, and a 49-year-old man she knows are missing after the Browns Plains fire.

The man’s silver ute was found in a nearby parking lot after Monday morning’s fire, which police said was deliberately ignited.

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Autopsies will determine if the bodies found late Monday night are those of the missing pair.

Acting Detective Inspector Daniel Cunningham said fire investigators could take up to a week to prepare a report into the cause of the blaze.

He did not confirm where the man lived or report that neighbors overheard the couple arguing in the days before the blaze.

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“I can’t comment specifically on this particular story, but in any situation involving domestic and family violence, we are always, always, always concerned,” Detective Inspector Cunningham said.

He confirmed that a temporary protection order was issued by Beenleigh Magistrates’ Court on February 9.

Police are calling on anyone with information about the couple or the fire to come forward.


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