Body of UP girl found hanged on bridge, killed in fight with family: cops


The girl and her mother had recently come to live at their in-laws’ home in Deoria.


The body of a 17-year-old girl from the Deoria district of Uttar Pradesh was hung from a bridge for hours between Monday evening and Tuesday evening, after she was allegedly murdered, and the body thrown from the bridge by the girl’s grandfather and her two uncles. Although police did not officially state why the girl was killed, an aunt said the accused had a problem with the girl’s “way of life”.

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Bloody videos shot by passers-by on Tuesday showed the girl’s body hanging from a railing on the bridge, as a policeman and attempting to retrieve it. Another video showed senior police officials inspecting the area.

Reports say the girl and her mother had recently come to live with their in-laws in Deoria. The girl’s father is a migrant worker in Punjab.

“These people have always had a problem with the lifestyle of the girl and her family. They were jealous of what the family ate, what they wore. They assaulted the girl with a rod. When she was became serious, they told the mother that they were taking the girl to the hospital but instead dumped her off the bridge on the way to the hospital, “an aunt of the girl told reporters.

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Deoria Police Chief Sripati Mishra in a video statement said police were investigating.

“The girl quarreled with her grandfather and mistreated him. 2-3 uncles of the girl then assaulted her and she fell unconscious. Relatives then took her to the hospital, but she died on the way. body, but got stuck on the river bridge, Mishra said.

Reports say the girl’s grandfather has been arrested while the accused uncles are still at large.

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