Boeing delivered 35 planes in August as new Dreamliners returned


The Lufthansa Boeing 787-9 aircraft is in its parking position at Frankfurt Airport, with another Lufthansa aircraft in the background. The first Boeing 787-9 jet landed at its new home base in Frankfurt.

Hannes P. Albert | Image Alliance | Getty Images

Boeing deliveries rose to 35 aircraft last month, thanks in part to a resumption of transfers of new 787 Dreamliners to airlines.

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Due to manufacturing defects, deliveries of the wide-body Dreamliners had been paused for the past two years.

Germany’s Lufthansa and Dutch airline KLM were among customers who received new Dreamliners last month after the planes were approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, Boeing said. Each carrier received one aircraft each.

The two Dreamliners that American Airlines received last month were not counted. Those jets were flown to Victorville, California, for Boeing to install Wi-Fi equipment and other items in the aircraft’s interiors.

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Boeing also registered 26 net orders for new aircraft last month, half of which were for 737 Max aircraft. Net orders for the year stand at 388 and deliveries at 277 aircraft. That falls short of the 637 net orders and 380 deliveries, rival Airbus reports.

Both manufacturers have said supply chain restrictions are limiting their ability to ramp up production, despite the surge in air traffic.

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