Book reveals how Trump and Kim Jong Un went from near war to BFFs


Former Trump White House Chief of Staff John Kelly played on Donald Trump’s vanity to ease tensions between the former president and North Korean despot Kim Jong-un, according to New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt.

Trump’s abusive rhetoric about Kim had “gone out of control” when former four-star Marine General Kelly first joined the Trump administration in 2017, Schmidt told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace on Thursday.

Trump only softened Kim when Kelly, per Schmidt, said, “Look, why don’t you be his friend? No one in American history has done that. You say all those things about what a great deal maker you are, why don’t you try that?

“It was only through Kelly, who said to Trump, ‘You can be the deal maker. Go all the way back to Eisenhower. Nobody has done this. You can do this.’ And Trump goes along with that,” he added.

The “turnaround between the rhetoric and the love letters” was “one of these mysteries of the Trump administration,” he said.