Border patrol stops tweets from agency’s West Texas region


EL PASO, Texas (TBEN) — U.S. Customs and Border Protection has deactivated the agency’s Twitter account for the West Texas region after it retweeted posts criticizing President Joe Biden’s border policies and liking posts that made homosexual comments against United States Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg.

The agency’s Office of Professional Responsibility will investigate, Magnus said.

“This must not happen again,” he said.

On Saturday, the account retweeted Stephen Miller’s posts criticizing Biden’s immigration policies and claiming that the government was ignoring violent crime. Miller was the architect of former President Donald Trump’s tough immigration policies.

“The tweets do not reflect the values ​​of this administration and our work to rebuild a humane, orderly and secure immigration system,” Magnus said in a statement.

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A human rights lawyer and a former immigration attorney posted tweets on Saturday noting that the account had retweeted Miller’s criticisms and then looked back and found other posts the account liked.

The existence of the Facebook page, which had about 9,500 members, was reported in July 2019.