Borderlands 3 ‘cartels’ get return date after weeks of ‘real testing’


Fans have been wondering where Borderlands 3 is going after going through all of the content for the promised version of the Director and Designer’s Cut Season Pass, and as I previously suggested, an old favorite is returning.

That would be Revenge of the Cartels, which Gearbox has now confirmed returns on June 24, after a previous six-week event then called “True Trials” ended.

True Trials dramatically improves Proving Grounds bosses, and they receive a dedicated global pool and Legendary DLC drops, in addition to the normal final chest. A good challenge for players who have nothing else to do.

There is less information about the return of the cartels, which is still labeled as a “seasonal event” when I had previously predicted that Gearbox would bring it back as a permanent part of the game. Not to say they won’t. will not, but that was not stated outright with this announcement. Other big changes are also said to be coming to the game on June 24, so there will be more to announce at that time, it seems.

The cartels will be bringing back Joey Ultraviolet and his villa, as far as they say, and presumably the old loot pool will return with favorites like OPQ, which players haven’t been able to take until the current level, in addition to play with PC game files. . Again, as I said before, I see no real justification for not making an elaborate event like Cartels a permanent part of the game, given that the roadmap for Borderlands 3 seems pretty nebulous, you So might as well give people full access to one of the best activities in the game with no time limit. But we’ll have to see if they agree.

All we know about the future of Borderlands at the moment is that he strongly hinted that Gearbox has been working on Borderlands 4 already, and has been for a while, indicating that there shouldn’t be a very long wait between 3 and 4 as there was between 2 and 3. But if was out before 2023, I’d be surprised.

So Borderlands 3 might have to last that long and keep people entertained. We might see more DLC that just hasn’t been announced yet, or more big free events like Cartels. Regardless, it’s clear the live squad has gone nowhere and continues to try to keep players engaged with new events and positive changes.

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