Boyfriend finds out that his girlfriend lies to him daily when he travels from work with a male colleague and asks, “Why are girls such complicated people?” -Singapore News


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A man took to social media and called out all women for being so complicated after discovering his girlfriend lied to him.

In an anonymous post on the popular confession page SGWhispers, the man wrote that he and his girlfriend initially came from the same office. However, after they both found new jobs, she met a new male colleague who stays close to her so they often take the MRT home together.

“I’m a little insecure (sic) I have to say and I’ve expressed that I don’t like her going home alone with the man. She said ok. But I already feel like she’s lying to me,” the friend wrote. He added that his girlfriend would always reply promptly to his messages except during the hours of 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm when she is traveling home. When asked why her answers were slow at the time, she said she was using her phone and playing a game or watching programs.

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“Recently we got into a fight and she blurted out that she had been lying to me all along. She was actually with him and she didn’t tell me. because she knew what my reaction would be. I am super hurt and disappointed. She can’t even respect the relationship to avoid this new guy,” her friend wrote.

When the couple previously worked in the same office, the boyfriend had lunch with another female colleague who hated his girlfriend. “So she told me she doesn’t like this girl and doesn’t like it when I have lunch together, even if it’s a group setting (never have I ever gone to lunch alone with her or talked to her about a personal life)”.

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He added: “I drew a very clear line and tried to avoid lunch with my group on some days just to avoid the girl. I respected the relationship and had no doubts.”

When the tables were turned and the boyfriend told his girlfriend not to travel alone with her male colleague, he felt she was disrespecting his wishes.

“I’m thinking about whether I should stop. I think lying is a deal breaker for me. Before you bash me for my comment I want to make it clear that I have never yelled at her, stopped her from talking to guys or ghosted her etc. My response was just this black face because I don’t like it,” wrote the boyfriend asking why girls are so complicated.

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Many netizens advised him to move on and end the relationship because of her actions. This is what they said:

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