BP ration fuel deliveries to service stations


Small Business Minister Paul Scully told ITV News: “We are concerned about BP and other areas where we hear these tensions emerging.

“This is why we have regular conversations to see what the government can do to increase testing, increase driver counts and bring drivers back. We also want to see what the industry / sector can do for them- same. “

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The prime minister’s spokesperson said there was no shortage of fuel and drivers should continue to buy normally.

“We have a very resilient and robust supply chain. We obviously recognize the challenges facing the industry and have taken steps to support them. We recognize that there are many industries facing challenges across the UK, ”he said.

The shortage of truck drivers has already plagued supermarkets, leaving gaps on shelves and forcing retailers to raise wages and offer signing bonuses.

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The problem also affects garbage collection, with some councils canceling garbage collection because drivers have taken more lucrative jobs elsewhere.