Brackenfell High School matrices peacefully write exams despite outside chaos as EFF protested


By Marvin Charles November 20, 2020

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Cape Town – Chaos ensued when the EFF descended on Brackenfell to protest alleged racism at Brackenfell High School.

A permit has been granted to the EFF to demonstrate today outside Brackenfell High School, allowing 100 protesters to deliver a memorandum to the school. The police had maintained a strong presence in the neighborhood, especially near the school.

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A brawl broke out after a man provoked the EFF as its secretary general, Marshal Dlamini, addressed his supporters.

It is understood that the man was arrested and was trying to address Dlamini.

The police then fired rubber bullets and used a water cannon to disperse the EFF members.

Addressing his supporters, Dlamini said: “They (the police) think we need permission to come to these streets, they think we are afraid of them. And we want to tell you the fighters If the police, whenever we are confronted with racists and they take the racist side, you have to tell them that it is boys and girls who are the private security of the racists.

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Dlamini negotiated with the police and an agreement was reached. 500 demonstrators, instead of 100, were able to approach the school.

Despite promises that party leader Julies Malema would attend, he urged supporters to attend school, but at 3 p.m. he was absent.

Despite the chaos, the school board (SGB) said the matrices wrote their physical science exams without any interruptions.

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SGB ​​President Guillaume Smit said: “The matrices finished their review in peace, we are grateful. At this point, the EFF media truck has been moved. We don’t know if the memorandum will be delivered or not because the police and the EFF have clashed all the time.

Guillaume said that the students who had to take the exams were present.

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