Brain Damage Archie Battersbee Dies After Life Support Shuts Down


Archie Battersbee has passed away after his life support was turned off.

The 12-year-old was taken off all medication at 10am on Saturday and died at 12:15pm, his mother announced outside the Royal London Hospital.

Hollie Dance said her son “fought to the end and I am so proud to be his mother”.

Ella Rose Carter, speaking on behalf of the family, added: “They removed the vent and he turned all blue.

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“There was nothing dignified about seeing a relative or child suffocate.

“We hope that no family has to go through what we went through. It’s barbaric.”

Archie’s death comes after weeks of legal battles, with medics and his parents disagreeing over the best course of action for the youngster.

The schoolboy suffered a brain injury in April in an incident at his home in Southend, Essex, which his mother believes has been linked to an online challenge.

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Doctors argued Archie was brainstem dead and continued life-support treatment was not in his best interests, while his parents wanted a London hospital to continue treatment.

The Supreme Court authorized medical professionals to stop treating Archie, despite his parents’ wishes.

Archie Battersbee was taken off the ventilator on Saturday at the Royal London Hospital (Hollie Dance/PA)

(PA media)

Doctors were allowed to do so from 11 a.m. last Wednesday, after other cut-off times were shifted over the course of the week as his parents offered last-minute offers to delay treatment.

His parents appealed to the European Court of Human Rights in a last-ditch effort to delay the cessation of treatment, but this too was rejected..

On Thursday, the family launched an offer to move the child to a hospice so they could say goodbye, but this request was also rejected.

Hollie Dance with her son in the hospital

(PA media)

In an interview with Sky News, taped on Friday, Archie’s mother said she was “quite broken” and that the day had been “absolutely awful”.

She collapsed, saying, “For the last few weeks since April 7, I don’t think there’s been a day that wasn’t really terrible.”

Ms Dance added: “It has been very difficult. Despite the hard, strong face and appearance clear to the cameras until now, I’ve been pretty broken.”

She said the hospital had made it clear that there were no more options and that the ventilator would be stopped at 10 a.m. Saturday.

The family’s legal options were exhausted on Friday

(PA media)

When asked if she could do anything else, Ms Dance said, “No. I’ve done everything I promised my little boy I’d do. And I did it.”

A spokesman for the campaign group Christian Concern, which supports Archie’s family, told the PA news agency: “All legal routes have been exhausted.

“The family is devastated and spending precious time with Archie.”

Archie suffered a brain injury in April in an incident at his home in Southend, Essex, which his mother believes is linked to an online challenge.

The 12-year-old boy has been unconscious since the incident at home in April and is in intensive care at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel.


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