Breaking news on whether WWE will change the brand’s division rules


It looks like WWE won’t be changing the brand’s division rules after experiencing an experiment last Monday night on Raw.

Prior to the show, it was reported that WWE considered Raw to be a big show given that Universal Champion Roman Reigns would be making an appearance. The belief was that since he is their biggest star ratings should go up and if that happens it could pave the way for the presentation of the main superstars of both brands.

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Speculation at the time was that if WWE went ahead with this change, people like Reigns, Drew McIntyre, and other top stars would appear on both Raw and SmackDown as a way to raise the numbers. notes.

Raw averaged 1.793 million viewers, up from 1.670 million viewers last week and the 18-49 demo saw the average rating of 0.49, down from 0.43.

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However, Dave Meltzer reported in the last edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that he was told that top stars appearing on both brands was “not a long term strategy.” Not even in the short term.

As with everything in WWE, plans may change, but at the moment, “it wasn’t something they planned to do on a regular basis.”