Breguet unveils Reines De Naples watch with changing heart hands fit for a queen


It was in 2021 that Breguet released some new technology in the form of its limited edition Valentine’s Day Reines de Naples Coeur Eternal Love watch. That timepiece, with its white lacquered dial and large gold heart, looked innocent enough, but it was a blow. The large heart in the center of the dial was actually a two-pronged hand. Now Breguet is implementing that proprietary technology in new Reines de Naples watches that aren’t geared for Valentine’s Day.

On each of the Reines de Naples Ref. 9835 and Ref. 9838, the large flexible heart that indicates the minutes (the hours are displayed in a jumping hour style through an opening above the center of the dial) changes and changes shape as it makes its journey around the dial. As the hands reach the outer edges of the oval dial (at 12:00 and 6:00), the heart stretches into its longest and thinnest shape, then contracts back into a shorter, wider heart as it moves from and to the 3 moves: 00 and 9 o’clock position. The bottom of the heart acts as a pointer and indicates the minutes.

Developed in-house by Breguet and protected by four patents, the concept of the flexible heart and its morphing of shapes is like a carefully orchestrated dance around the dial. Among the patents: two cams (each patented) that guide the hands, the hands themselves, and an ingenious torque control system that releases the correct pressure to allow the bipartite heart to expand and contract. The watch is powered by the 252-piece Caliber 78A0 made in-house. The timepiece is finished to the highest standards and a sapphire crystal back allows you to see that craftsmanship.

The two new references of the Reines de Naples are 9835 with a rich midnight blue mother-of-pearl dial and 9838 with a white lacquer dial. Both watches, inspired by the original Breguet watch made for the Queen of Naples, Caroline Murat, are made of 18-karat white gold and fitted with a blue alligator strap. The blue dial version, made in a limited edition of only 20 pieces, is set on the bezel and lugs with 161 diamonds. Even the crown and clasp are decorated with diamonds. The white lacquer dial version features a bezel and crown, as well as clasp, set with blue sapphires.

When I first saw this mechanism and these hands changing shape as they moved across the dial, I wondered why Breguet had chosen to reserve the concept for Valentine’s Day only. I am so happy that the brand has come full circle with these Reines de Naples watches. Wondering what comes next.


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