Brian Gewirtz, CM Punk Laugh at WWE For Looking To Hire New Lead Writer | TBEN


Earlier this week, WWE posted a job posting for a new lead author.

Brian Gewirtz and CM Punk responded to a story about it on Friday. They made jokes at the company’s expense.

Gewirtz worked for WWE from 1999 to 2015. He has since moved to Seven Bucks Productions at The Rock where he is currently working on NBC’s “Young Rock” series.

Gewirtz first wrote: “Happy to start! Guess we all realize the insanity of fighting for brand supremacy a month after a draft when brand loyalty / identity cannot be properly established and without significant stakes, matches can feel forced and bare. meaning … I’m fired, aren’t I?

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CM Punk then responded to Gewirtz noting that they could help WWE Director Kevin Dunn win an Emmy.

“I’ll do it with you. We’ll have KD this Emmy!


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