Brian Kilmeade: Every administration has challenges, but this one defies all logic


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One Nation presenter Brian Kilmeade spoke in Saturday’s opening monologue about how the Biden administration is “reimagining reality” through its messages.

Brian Kilmeade: What has struck me over the past 18 months, to my utter amazement, is that the government actually wants us to disbelieve what we know to be true and ignore the facts as they really are. I find it confusing. I find it puzzling. I find it maddening. What is most alarming? It’s only getting worse. Fighting the facts was not a concept tolerated when it was even mentioned in the previous administration.

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Every administration has challenges, but this one defies logic, asking us to enter their world of virtual reality. Not me, not you, not this nation. We know the answers, Mr. President, and we are disappointed by your illusions. Afghanistan was your call and a disaster. Inflation? Not transient. We live with it. You let thugs take over our cops, and your spending led to this recession, made it worse. We all make mistakes. Pretending not to do it while denying the results is not only wrong, it’s also insulting. Looking at your 30% approval rating, America doesn’t seem to fall for it.

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