BriteCo Launches Online Jewelry Insurance Program


BriteCo Jewelry Insurance has launched a program to insure fine jewelry and watches that can be listed and linked online offering enhanced coverage and a monthly payment option.

The new insurance offering is supported by Glencar Insurance Co.

Consumers can go to to enter their information, answer five questions and select payment options to get an instant quote in under two minutes and get fully insured global coverage for loss, theft, damage or disappearance.

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Policies are available starting at $ 5 per month and may include:

  • Full replacement coverage at 125% of appraised value
  • No deductible on standard policies
  • Additional person insured at no additional cost
  • Preventive maintenance coverage
  • Possibility to pay monthly by credit or debit card, with a 5% reduction if premiums are paid annually

BriteCo is licensed in all 50 states plus DC

For retail jewelers, BriteCo offers a free cloud-based software service to simplify the appraisal process. Once the assessment is finalized, customers will receive a no-obligation jewelry insurance quote via text message or email directly from BriteCo, allowing customers to obtain point-of-sale insurance coverage.

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For qualified jewelers with an ecommerce website using Shopify or WooCommerce, BriteCo provides a free personalized shopping cart quote integration that allows customers to get an instant jewelry insurance quote when they shop. their online shopping.

Founded in 2017 by a third generation retail jeweler, BriteCo is a United States-based insurance technology company focused on the jewelry appraisal and insurance industry.

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