‘British Baking Show’ Approaches Final With Shocking Elimination


Did anyone else get déjà vu watching this week’s episode of The Great British Baking Show? We certainly did. Something feels a little… 2021.

Spoilers ahead for the semi-finals of The Great British Baking Show.

Let’s set the tone. We have a baker whose name starts with “J”, and he wins Star Baker twice within the first few weeks of the show. His chances of winning are high, and he is beating a huge number of fans online for his fantastic bakes. We all fall in love with him. He’s like Paddington Bear levels of sweetness! Most of all, it’s nice to know that someone we adore will finish in the final round.

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And then, the week before the finals come in, he suddenly gets knocked out. Say what?

Yes, we are talking about 2021 entrant Jürgen and now this season’s newly eliminated Janusz. Janusz has lost some weight in recent weeks – unlike Jürgen, who won Star Baker for the third time two weeks before he was sent home – but most of us expected the beloved Polish baker to least make it to the last round if not win the whole damn thing. Unfortunately, after the ghostly crisis of missing spring rolls, something had cursed the poor baker.

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Janusz couldn’t live up to his great competitors after a mediocre technical performance and a minus of a showstopper. Although Janusz’s strengths in the past have been desserts – cake in particular – he failed to take on the task for Pâtisserie Week. Syabira and Sandro, who have both won Star Baker in recent weeks, unsurprisingly made it to the final round. Abdul finally took home his first ever Star Baker title and secured his spot in the final over Janusz.

Courtesy of The Great British Baking Show

But the sting of losing Janusz the same way fans lost Jürgen was hard to ignore.

“Justice for my bereft European kings”, a Twitter user cried out. More fans of The Great British Baking Show boarded Janusz’s farewell train and gathered in front of their favorite baker in his last days on the show.

Janusz later shared an adorable suicide note with the show, as well as a goodbye tweet to all of his fans. In the tweet, sweet Janusz revealed that there was a secret message behind his attire on the show: he wore every pride flag he could fit in his day. GBBS.

“I DID IT! Being chubby, gay, and the first Polish national participant in GBBO, I knew I had a lot to represent when I walked into the tent,” Janusz wrote. “I wanted to do this by being myself, but also by giving myself a little challenge to wear a color of the pride flag every week and hope I could tick them all off!”

Janusz goes down in the GBBS hall of fame, not only for his fantastic bakes (and frequent drip cakes), but also for his beautiful shirts. He ended his letter in the spunkiest, most Janusz way possible: “Janusz has left the tent.”

However, on the way to the final, three equally adorable contestants remain. Sandro, Syabira and Abdul have all proven themselves to be fantastic bakers and charming personalities in recent weeks, but who will win? Whatever happens, they will surely have their old friend Janusz to cheer them on during their last moments The Great British Baking Show.