Britney Spears guardianship: ex-prosecutor predicts timeline for when Jamie Spears could be impeached


Former prosecutor David Henderson predicted that September 29 would mark the day Jamie Spears would be removed from the guardianship of his daughter Britney Spears.

“I think this is one of those situations where you turn on the light and the bugs scatter,” the civil rights attorney told TBEN’s “The News with Shepard Smith”. “I think on the 29th we can expect to see him withdrawn.”

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Britney Spears said in court documents Wednesday, for the first time, that her father, Jamie Spears, should be removed from guardianship. She had already asked a judge during a hearing, but Wednesday’s filing is a new step that makes it official.

Henderson, however, explained that the guardianship would likely continue after September 29.

“I think it’s a situation more akin to where you have a CEO who resigns, the company can still survive, so the guardianship exists because the court has determined that Britney is not able to take care of. herself physically or financially, ”said Henderson, a TBEN contributor.

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Guardianship kept Britney’s father in control of his life decisions and finances for 13 years. Jamie filed a petition earlier this month and asked to end the guardianship. He has repeatedly denied any misconduct in his role as curator.

Henderson told host Shepard Smith that before removing guardianship, “the judge is probably going to want to hear evidence from an investigator.”

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