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This week on “Something To Wrestle With” on, Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson covered the pay-per-view of the 1995 WWE Survivor Series.

This show featured Bret Hart vs. Diesel for the WWF Championship and the start of Diesel’s heel turn, The Darkside vs. the Royals, The BodyDonnas vs. The Underdogs, and a “Wildcard” elimination match that saw the heels and the faces team up.

It was the first Survivor series not to air on Thanksgiving night or Thanksgiving Day. Bruce Prichard was asked if this had hurt the PPV buy rate that year.

Bruce said, “At first I think people are creatures of habit and those who were on the Survivor series probably thought they were going to hang out with family on Thanksgiving night and watch Survivor Series. But at the same time, the short answer to the question is yes, I think it hurts because on Sunday night after Thanksgiving, people are traveling home. This is one of the reasons we considered doing it the previous Sunday and being as close to the weekend as possible without being that weekend where there is so much going on from Thanksgiving to Black Friday, then travel. It was trial and error for us to try something different and try something new. “

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Prichard on Public Enemy giving this show a try: “It was with the blessing of Paul (Heyman). Paul is the one who plugged it in for us and unfortunately that damn bell must have rung. I loved the number. I loved the entrance and the participation of the crowd. I liked Rocco very much personally. I thought Ted Petty was a hell of a worker and a pretty cool guy. He was nice to me. Johnny was Johnny but I didn’t like Johnny. I could take it or leave it. The act was hot but once you realized that oh, oh, when that bell rang, there wasn’t much there. In the ECW they could use the chairs and tables and whatever the bulls ** t and it didn’t translate. “

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Public Enemy got another chance with WWE in early 1999, but they were never accepted by some of the key people behind the scenes due to animosity over their choosing WCW over WWF. at the end of 1995. Public Enemy’s run in 1999 lasted only a few minutes. months.

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